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Charter Schools USA is one of the nation’s largest providers of charter school management services in the United States and a leader in the development and design of charter schools. As its mission states, “CSUSA creates and operates high quality schools with: an unwavering dedication to student success, an unyielding commitment to ethical, sound and efficient business practices, providing a superior choice for all stakeholders that fosters education excellence in America.”

Hollywood Academy of Arts and Science will promote a technique that will yield improved academic results, self -development and character education. Teaching techniques go well beyond Florida Standards’ focus into broad levels of skill-building. These methods, when combined with traditional instructional strategies, will give our students a strong information foundation and skills repertoire upon which to build their future.

Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

With the CSUSA Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum at its core, the Charter Schools USA Educational Model provides the process for improving student learning and academic achievement. Our Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum is aligned to specific Florida Standards and is the framework of what is taught at each grade level. By aligning to the Florida Standards, the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum ensures high expectations with a focus on college and career readiness from primary grades through high school. Timely and specific feedback based upon formative assessments of student performance on grade level expectations is given to establish individualized goals for all students and to modify instruction to meet the learning needs of all students.

Character Education

Our character education program is integrated thoroughly within our classrooms every day. We utilize an evidence-based approach that has proven to ultimately result in higher student achievement and create positive communities throughout the school and beyond its walls. We use age-appropriate programs: Responsive Classroom, Developmental Designs and Restorative Justice to help students learn to deeply respect each other, establish positive and affirming relationships and develop solid communication skills that resolve conflicts and help everyone, including teachers, students and administrators to be successful members of every community. This ongoing character development starts in the classroom and continues on to hallways, lunch rooms, buses, and eventually to homes and neighborhoods.

Individualized Approach To Learning

  • Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for each student that will assess his/her skill level when he/ she enrolls in the school.
  • A path for growth is designed for each student which is periodically reassessed to determine skill development.
  • The PLP will ensure that the individual needs of each student are met and will provide parents the opportunity to participate in educational goal setting and monitoring of their child’s academic progress.

Parental Involvement

Meaningful parent involvement in a child’s education is crucial for his or her success, therefore every effort will be made to keep parents engaged and informed. Parent volunteering opportunities are available at the School and individualized to meet the needs, demands, and capabilities of the individual student/family. This volunteer plan has the intention of providing increased parent visibility in the School, which will show students that they are supported in their academic endeavors.

Daily communication with the teacher is encouraged through use of the agenda book, in which students track their homework assignments for each day and messages are sent home. Parents will have real-time access to their child’s gradebook to monitor progress in every subject. Progress reports and report cards are distributed every quarter, and parents are encouraged to schedule conferences to discuss student performance and progress toward mastery of grade level standards. The School will offer Curriculum Nights for parents to attend and learn about various educational topics, such as state assessment information or home-reading strategies.

Virtual Online Courses

Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science offers state approved “on-site” virtual courses that will provide students with multiple course options, direct support, and monitoring by Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science teachers.  All virtual courses are fully and completely part of the Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science educational program.

All Parent Virtual Course Explanation 16-17

Tier 2 Virtual Course Explanation 16-17

Summer Reading

Hollywood Academy believes in the importance of reading to strengthen fluency, vocabulary, phonics, and comprehension throughout the summer. Therefore, Summer Reading Assignments are once again upon us.

For the 2018-2019 school year, it is mandatory that all students enrolled prior to July 13:

  • Read the Required Summer Reading book for his/her entering grade level (see grade level attachment)
  • Read a second book of his/her choice at grade level
  • Complete book reports for each book (see grade level attachment)
  • Book Reports will be collected the first week of school

Book Reports:

For accessibility assistance with the pdfs below, please contact the school.

Summer Math

Hollywood Academy believes in the importance of developing mathematical thinking as well as maintaining current math skills. On average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation over the summer months each year.

Therefore, Summer Math Activities are once again upon us to Fight the Summer Slide. For the 2018-2019 school year, it is mandatory that all returning students participate in Summer Math.

All current students in grades 3-7 (17-18 school year) can learn a pizza party with drinks and desert at the start of the 18-19 school year. To earn this incentive, students must (bullet 3 items below):

  • Complete and Pass 10 SeeReaders on Reading Plus (80% or higher)
  • Complete and Pass 10 lessons on Imagine Math
  • Deadline: July 29, 2018

Summer Online Incentives flyer: Grades_3-7_Online_Summer_Incentive (pdf) For accessibility assistance with this pdf, please contact the school.