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Afterschool Enrichment Activities

Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science offers our students a variety of educational and entertaining Afterschool Enrichment Programs for our Elementary and Middle School students. Enrichment times may vary, please check the flyer for the correct start and end times.

Enrichment Registration and Payment:

  • The Enrichment Registration Form is required for each Session in order for your child to attend these programs.
  • Payment must be attached to the Enrichment Registration Form.
  • No payments or registration forms will be accepted after the cut-off date. All payment deadlines are strictly enforced.
  • All payments must be made by CASH or MONEY ORDER!
  • Once a child is enrolled in a program, no changes can be made until the end of the month.
  • Enrichment programs are non-refundable, except for hospitalization or the cancellation of a program.

Children enrolled in our Aftercare Program will be sent to their Aftercare class when their Enrichment is over. All other students must be picked up promptly upon the end of the enrichment. Students not picked up on time will be assessed a late pick-up fee.

Please keep the payment information dates handy – All deadlines will be strictly enforced.  Once again, Enrichment programs are non-refundable, except for hospitalization or the cancellation of a program.

2nd Semester Payment Windows:

December 11 – 15 for January Programs
January 15 – 19 for February Programs
February 12 – 16 for March Programs
March 12 – 16 for April Programs
April 16 – 20 for May Programs

Afterschool Enrichment Program Registration Form (pdf)
Gr K-1 Arts & Crafts Club (pdf)
Gr K-2 Baton Twirling (pdf)
Gr_K-2 Fundamentals Mechanics of Sports (pdf)
Gr K-4 Baking Club – Aftercare Students ONLY (pdf)
Gr K-4 Baking Club – All Students (pdf)
Gr 1-3 Miller Fitness (pdf)
Gr 2-5 Board Game Club (pdf)
Gr 2-5 Knight Painting and Illustration (pdf)
Gr 2-5 Tech Club (pdf)
Gr 2-6 Intermediate Baton Twirling (pdf)
Gr 3-5 Fundamentals Mechanics of Sports (pdf)
Gr 3-5 Kickball Club 2nd 17-18 (pdf)
Gr 3-5 Yoga (pdf)
Gr 3-6 Baton for Beginners (pdf)
Gr 3-8 Origami Club (pdf)
Gr 5-8 Friday Craft Club (pdf)
Gr 6-8 Anthropology Club (pdf)
Gr 6-8 Drone Ninjas (pdf)
Gr 6-8 Youth in Government (pdf)

Middle School Sports and Activities


Girls & Boys 2016 Basketball Game Schedule (pdf)


Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science’s Cheerleading Program first started in 2005 as an after-school activity. Cheerleading provides a sport for students in Middle School as well as lends support to the basketball and flag football teams.

Middle School students must try-out for the team. Once a cheerleader makes the team, they must maintain good grades and exhibit good moral conduct.

During the basketball and flag football seasons, cheerleaders travel with the basketball and flag football teams to each of the games. Each cheerleader also serves as a HAAS ambassador at community activities and events where HAAS is being represented.

Cheerleading Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:00–5:00 pm unless otherwise noted by the coach.  If you have any questions, please email the Cheerleading Coach, Ms. Gerald at bgerald@hollywoodcharter.org

Practice Days: M & W   3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


The HAAS Soccer Program started in 2009 as an after-school activity for students in grades 4-8. HAAS now has full Middle School Soccer Teams for boys and girls and that play competitively in the school district.  Our Soccer Program provides another sports activity for the middle school students, teaches and strengthens teamwork, and prepares students for the winning and losing through competition.

If you have any questions and concerns with the HAAS Athletic Program, please email Coach Permenter at jpermenter@hollywoodcharter.org.

Flag Football

Updated_HAAS_Knights_Flag_Football_Game_SCHEDULE_2017 (pdf)