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Dwayne Johnson, also known by his ring name “The Rock,” made a surprise visit to Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science to film an episode of TNT’s new TV show, “Wake Up Call.”

The actor, producer and professional wrestler spoke to 8th grade math students, but rather than have them ask questions, he initiated the conversation.

“Let me hear from you guys,” he said. “I want to know what you want to do.”

Johnson spoke to students who wanted to be accountants, actors and international entrepreneurs.

One student said she wanted to be a marine biologist. When asked by Johnson if she was willing to do the studying and school work, she nodded confidently.

“They had some pretty lofty dreams,” he said. “They were smart kids.”

“It provided students with a valuable life skill as well as an opportunity to have a voice pertaining to an important global health issue,” she said.