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2018-19 School Supplies

EPI Online Secure School Supply Ordering
Now through Sunday, June 24th only!

  1. Go to www.educationalproducts.com/shoppacks
  2. Enter the school ID: HOL265 (3 letters/3 numbers)
  3. Follow the directions to complete your order
  4. Keep your online confirmation as your receipt
  5. Sales Tax is included (total cost will be $75)

Gr_K_Supply_List_2018-19 (pdf)

Gr_1_Supply_List_18-19 (pdf)

Gr_2_Supply_List_18-19 (pdf)

Gr_3_Supply_List_18-19 (pdf)

Gr_4_Supply_List_18-19 (pdf)

Gr_5_Supply_List_18-19 (pdf)

Gr_6_Supply_List_18-19 (pdf)

Gr_7_Supply_List_18-19 (pdf)

Gr_8_Supply_List_18-19 (pdf)